Mapping & Direct Mailing services  

First structure which applied in Albania such services, the Mapping & Direct Mailing Sector has created a unique database, experience and expertise.

Based on 13 years experience of being in close and daily contact with the field, collecting information and realistic data from the market, from the National Business Guide, Tirana Practical Guide, Çelësi Newspaper, Kult Magazine and the series of 11 Touristic Guides, the Mapping & Direct Mailing Sector has created a unique database , experience and expertise.

We offer Quantitative & Qualitative Evaluations, Mapping & Market Segmentation, Catchment Studies and all types of direct mailing: D2D, F2F , promotional distribution, distribution in the crossroads areas as well as on the stopped vehicles

The outcome is a Unique Result and a Competitive Advantage in the market, that only Çelësi can provide for the clients.

The Mapping process is about  evaluating, filtering, splitting, categorizing and ranking of the field, in order to provide:

  1.  Quantitative Mapping – No. of households units , families and inhabitants in each area
  2.  Qualitative Mapping -  Ranking of the areas based on the economical level of the population


Market research

We offer unique insights into the Albanian market nuances observed and understood from every angle. We uncover the secret motivations that drive the Albanian consumers in their daily lives, activities, behavior, and media involvement. We provide mapping and segmenting markets, audience targeting through gathering and analyzing data